Sunday, 10 January 2010

My Evaluation

Below are the questions and answers in case you cannot fully hear the above:

In what ways does your Media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

I feel that my finished product shows the conventions of a thriller in many forms, for instance, the use of the mysterious antagonist and the chilling music are factors of thrillers. These help to build tension and informs the reader the possible genre it may be, as this is associated with many other thriller openings such as Vertigo and Seven. I feel that I have also challenged the conventions, as the audience is not informed what is within the envelope; therefore we carry on the suspense that is building. This I feel challenges the conventions for instead of following the protagonist the camera turns around, and closes into a picture of a young child; presumably her daughter. This challenges the conventions, as it does not follow the antagonist it changes its course, which I feel is effective as it ends with the audience’s own perception of what may happen, and more importantly, what was in the envelope.

How does your Media product represent particular social groups?

I feel that because of the social issue of the kidnapping in the opening of my thriller it would be classified a 15 on the BBFC certificate rating. It represents this from the way it suggests these issues in the opening. This is expressed also through the non-diegetic music, which is used to explore what is happening and create suspense through it. Also by using a middle aged women and not a ‘fit attractive women’ we present a social issue, as many include young women to attract a audience, whereas my opening is resourceful as it is a normal everyday life; although she is a lawyer that would be later revealed in the film.

What was the audience feedback for the opening to your thriller?

I gathered feedback from 10 of my target audience and the results were favourable. Nine out of the ten said that after watching the opening they would want to watch the film. Although the person who said no said that it was not her type of movie/genre. Out of all of these 10, they all said that my opening had conventions and characteristics of a thriller. They said that it showed a crime, music that creates tension and quick shots. Although the most popular was that it showed suspense, which is what I was hoping for; as I wanted to leave the opening intriguing and the audience asking for more. They also said on a whole that they felt the target audience was a 15, as of the social issues it explored.
On a whole their response was credible and on asking if their would be any things they would change, they answered only little aspects such as clearer shots or a little faster paced shots.

What kind of Media institution might distribute your media product and why?

I feel that my opening would attract an independent filming company such as vertigo films that also have produced films such as The Firm which was recently in the cinema and The football factory. They would want to produce a film like mine as it is a low cost budget film and they inspire to create films from low budgets and make them a hit in the cinema. It shows that it does not take multi millions to create a film that an audience will be inclined to watch. It also shows that although big production companies are very useful they are not needed to make a success.

Who would be the audience for your Media product?

The audience that I feel my opening would attract would be 15 and over’s because of the reference to a kidnap and the suggestion that it will show violence and mild language. Also I feel it will attract about 60% female to 40% men as it shows the distressed mother although, the antagonist male figure. Therefore both sexes will be appealed to it, as they would want to see how they clash and who is stronger in their roles; if the woman can overpower the man. Also on looking at the peal and dean website I can see how my thriller is alike others and when looking at their percentage of male and female audiences I can see a similarity to my audience response.

How did you attract/address your audience?

I attracted them by not giving them too much information, as I deliberately did not show them what was n the envelope. I also changed my plans from my script as instead of showing that she is a judge; I made her look like an ordinary person. This was also not to give to much information away and intrigue the audience, as I wanted them to think why her, and what does he want from her. I feel that I also attracted my audience by giving two roles to a male and female. As if it was two men I do not think women would be too interested in it.

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing the product?

I have learnt a lot from the technology that helped me to construct and edit my opening. For instance because of copyright laws I could not take any music of the Internet and put it on to my film. Therefore, I used software called garage band to compose and create my music. I did this by using some of the demos and changing the keys and notes on them making them my own. I also put music on top of this using the keyboard to create my own and put this on top of the other. This helped me to create the perfect composition for my opening. Live type and motion also helped me to create the title scenes. One in particular was very tricky and I had to put layer upon layer to cut and change the transparency so that I could make the letter fade out and be replaced gradually with the symbol of justice. All of this has helped me to create the perfect opening in final cut pro and will help me when progressing into A2.

Look back to your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

I have learnt that it is important to get a good camera shot, as it will help you when coming to edit it. I have also learnt that even a minute worth of filming can take a long time to edit, therefore a whole film would almost certainly take a year. I have certainly progressed as I am using programmes I have ever used before and have become comfortable with them. I have started to experiment and can see how they have effects and tools that can make my opening much better. I have even learnt how to reach out to an audience and attract them, by showing conventions that they can recognise, and using tension to entice them. Lastly I have learnt the process of production before and after filming and how important it is to plan and use these steps. As in my opening I have used shots included in my preliminary, including match on action and the 180-degree rule.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Audience feedback

I showed my opening to 10 people of ages 15 and above, as I feel that this is the target audience of my opening. This was their response:

These were the above results of the nine questions I asked, it gave me a positive feedback and most liked my opening and felt that it showed necessary conventions of a thriller; most of all suspense. The majority said that they would classify my film a 15 and that after watching my opening would be intrigued into watching the film. I also got positive feedback on my title scene at the end of my opening, as they said that by replacing the letter with the symbol of justice was a good effect. I was very happy with this feedback and enjoyed creating this task. :)

My opening- The Price of Justice

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Equipment and software I will be using

This is a program installed on the apple macs called Final cut pro this will allow me to upload the filming that I will record on the camcorder and rearrange shots, putting effects on them such as dissolve, fade in/ out and much more. It will also help with fading out the music, it is relevant in my opening for the editing phase.

This is also a program installed on the apple mac, called Live Type; this will help me in the editing phase, it will allow me to create title scenes to draw the audiences attention to the opening and have a selection of moving fonts to make it look professional and creative.

This is the Apple mac that has the software needed to create my opening, it helped me with the research and uploading of various you tube clips, without equipment like this then making my opening would not be possible.

This is a Tripod this will be used within filming to get steady shots, and make the camcorder stable, this makes it look professional, it also helps when panning for it allows the camcorder to move on a pivot and still keep it steady, this is effective when panning and zooming in.

Lastly was the camcorder, this will be used to record the shots needed, I do not have to make it sequential for when it comes to the editing I can rearrange the shots/filming.

Filming arrangements


Unknown male figure played by Ben
Margaret playing the distressed mother/ lawyer
picture of a girl played by Sarah


Latham road, Bexleyheath- shows an ordinary street/ surrounding in a suburban area.

Interior of a house- homely, fire is on, the sitting room, dining room and hall way are the only rooms that are filmed.


Unknown male figure is wearing jeans with smart shoes and a formal coat on, although his face is never shown. This gives a air of mystery as he looks professional in what he does.

Lawyer is wearing a smart suit, she is still dressed from work.


Unknown figure is carrying an envelope in one hand and a briefcase in the other.

lawyer is holding a laptop, she also has glasses on and a cup of tea next to her; all the sitting room layout is part of the props as well. This makes it look homely and shows she is in a natural setting therefore builds suspense.


natural lighting outside, quite dark gives an erie feeling. Although I may make it darker when editing to create a more sinister effect, depending on how it comes out.

Interior of home is warm as a fire is going, I will make sure only warn tones are predominant to show the warmth of the home.

Thursday, 19 November 2009


Working script

The Price of Justice

EXT: Establishing shot of lawyer leaving the court. Background music starts.

INT: Cut to lawyer in her study working at her computer (over the shoulder shot). Non diegetic sound of keys on the computer being tapped, this follows the beat of the background music.

EXT: series of low body shots of man slowly walking along a street, the sound of keys tapping stops, to be replaced by the sound of steady footsteps. Background music stays the same.

INT: Cut to close up of lawyer on computer, non diegetic sound of keys on the computer returns, following the beat of the background music.

EXT: Tracking shot of the man from behind as he approaches the door. Close up of his hand pushing the envelope through the door. The sound of the keys tapping stops, to be replaced by the sound of steady footsteps which stop when he reaches the door. sound of letterbox shutting is heard.

INT: Cut to a close up of lawyer swiftly moving her head in the direction of the door, with a slight frown, as she hears the letter box open and shut. Tracking shot of her walking towards the front door and picking up a brown envelope from the mat. The beat of the background music quickens and gradually gets louder.
Over the shoulder shot of her opening the letter revealing a zoom in of a photograph, with a note attached (The words are cut and pasted from newspapers).
The note says "Are you wiling to pay the price? Wait for further instructions. Do not contact the police!
Music stops abruptly when the contents of the envelope are revealed.